Get ready for greatness with the brand new Datum NE-1L Laser Leveldiscover the beauty of true advancement in laser level technology.

The NE-1L Rotating Laser Level is the perfect instrument for both interior and exterior tasks, with proficient self-levelling in either horizontal, vertical or plumb mode. The NE-1L is our most advanced electronic laser. It is fitted with the latest red diode technology which ensures users will always get a superbly sharp laser line, whilst comprising an accurate, pin sharp 90° reference beam to the vertical line – ensuring all of your measurements are always made easy.

The 90° reference beam ensures that the user will always be working with precision. The NE-1L is ideal for corner and 90° setting out applications, including suspended ceilings, curtain and dry walling, partitioning and flooring applications.

In manual mode, the NE-1L Laser Level can easily set out slopes for any application. Slope matching ensures easy grade setting, using the arrows on the keyboard or remote control, the user can instantly match the detector’s elevation thus setting out your chosen single slope Datum line to match that of the working environment.

Designed with ease in mind, the NE-1L Laser Level is one of the most effortless lasers on the market to handle. The NE-1L’s internal electronics guarantees that even the most complex task runs smoothly; the press of one button levels in both X and Y axis quick and efficiently and is ready to work in under 10 seconds. The speed and simplicity of this powerful laser results in a significant increase to a worker’s productivity. 

The electronic self-levelling mechanism offers a far more stable laser than levelling bubbles, even when job sites are subject to conditions of substantial vibration; the technology behind the NE-1L Laser Level surpasses the capabilities of any pendulum type compensators. The laser will automatically stop rotating to warn the user that the laser has been knocked or moved, all with just one touch of the tilt button. This remarkable laser level demonstrates simplicity at its very best.

With its tough IPX66 Protection rating, the NE-1L can withstand extreme weather conditions or environmental conditions. Protected from high pressure water jets from any direction, and also total dust ingress, users can work undisturbed on any adverse work site – every time.


Top Features

Laser Beams: Horizontal, vertical & plumb up

Horizontal Beam Accuracy: ±1.5mm / 30m

Vertical Beam Accuracy: ±3mm / 30m

Vertical Plump Beam Accuracy: ±3mm / 30m 

Manual Slope Range: ±10%

Scan Fan Range: 15º, 30º & 60º

Working Range: 300m with Detector

Rotation Speeds: 600 / 300 / 150 / 0 rpm

Laser Class: Class II

Waterproofing: IP66

Operating Time: 50 hours

Charging Time: 8 hours

Power Supply: Rechargeable li-ion battery pack

Bluetooth Control Enabled: Smart Tool app for both IOS and Android Systems

Fixing Thread: 5 / 8" screw thread

Warranty: 5 year RTB warranty (instrument registration required)

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