Knowing which laser level you need for the job is absolutely vital as there is an immense amount of different options out there to suit varying applications. However, with the Datum NE-1L Automatic Laser Level, users can automatically level in horizontal, vertical and plumb applications in record time with pin sharp lines or laser dots at any height – whether from the floor, mounted to the wall, or attached to a tripod. With its high accuracy and time-saving possibilities, the Datum NE-1L is the perfect tool for any indoor or outdoor task!

Who is this advanced laser level ideal for? The Datum NE-1L is capable of self-levelling in both horizontal and vertical applications, making the set-up of this laser one of the easiest on the market. Designed with simplicity in mind, the laser’s electronics makes light work of the most complex tasks – all with the press of a button! With its fast and efficient performance, durable design and user-friendly functions, the Datum NE-1L Laser Level is ideal for any tradesperson who requires a perfectly level horizontal or vertical line, including:

> Builders and construction companies

> Landscaping and fencing contractors

> Suspended ceiling and raised access flooring contractors

> Electricians, plumbers and heating engineers

> Piling and foundation workers

> DIY enthusiasts


Why is the Datum NE-1L Laser Level right for you? The effortless laser has many benefits that far outweigh its low price tag, so users can be confident in their purchase. Fitted with the latest red diode technology, the Datum NE-1L displays an incredibly sharp, bright red laser line that’s required when using in indoor applications such as suspended ceilings, curtain and dry walling, partitions fitting and flooring applications. The accurate and pin sharp 90° reference beam to the vertical line is ideal for corner and 90° setting out applications.

With the laser in manual mode, the Datum NE-1L can quickly and easily set out slopes for any application. Slope matching ensures easy grade setting using the arrows on the keyboard or remote control, matching the detectors elevation, thus setting out your chosen single slope datum line to match that of the working environment.

The Datum NE-1L features infrared and Bluetooth app laser control, so that controlling the laser’s functions when either in horizontal or vertical modes is simply child’s play. The control mirrors the laser’s keyboard functions, keeping you in control even in hard-to-reach heights, places or environments. The Datum SmartTool App works on both Android and IOS platforms, and makes using the laser as simple as ever.

The laser’s tilt function keeps users on point, unlike pendulum type compensators, the Datum NE-1L has no need for levelling bubbles as the electronic self-levelling mechanism offers a far more stable laser, even when job sites are subject to conditions of substantial vibration. One simple press of the tilt button the laser will now automatically stop rotating to warn the user that the laser has been knocked or moved. If the laser is disturbed, it will automatically stop rotating and the laser beam will flash indicating to the user instantly that the laser needs to be checked and reset, preventing false readings and alleviates costly rework and timely mistakes.

The Datum DLD300 Digital Laser Detector is included in the laser’s kit. The detector has a dual screen display beam indication with visual millimetre screen display, indicating not only what direction to move the detector, but also how many millimetres to the on-grade datum point you are. Featuring options for 1mm, 2mm, 5mm and 10mm accuracy settings, the DLD300 is truly the most intelligent and rugged detector within the Datum range.

Three rotational speeds are selectable from 300rpm to 150rpm and to 0rpm, allowing the user to enter into Spot and Scan Modes. These modes draw visible lines in both horizontal and vertical applications, focusing the beam in one place and not distracting other workmen in the laser’s working area. The Datum NE-1L also benefits from the ultimate defence, it’s protected from total dust ingress and high pressure water jets from any direction, allowing the user to continue working in adverse weather conditions or environmental conditions.

Powered to last, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack grants the user over 55 hours of power with the laser continually rotating. Coupled with the dry-cell battery tray as standard, receive an extra 40 extra hours of battery life, awarding the user a minimum of almost 100 hours working duration – so workers can concentrate on the job without any interruptions.

Popular features such as speed control, beam scanning, plumbing and manual slope are standard with this model, and comes suppled with a remote control for ease-of-use. Ultimately, the Datum NE-1L has proven itself to be the affordable answer for ensuring that all of your measurements are always made easy!

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