From DIY enthusiasts to survey professionals – an accurate site survey is vital before breaking ground on any project. Reliable measurements and marking tools ensure even the most humble surveyor can complete a job without the need for expensive contractors. Fortunately, Datum Survey Equipment is here to ensure that your toolbox is well-stocked and ready to take on anything – all the way through to home improvement and your ultimate landscaping goals.

1. Datum NE-1L Rotating Laser Level

The NE-1L Rotating Laser Level is the perfect instrument for both interior and exterior tasks, with proficient self-levelling in either horizontal, vertical or plumb mode. The NE-1L is our most advanced electronic laser. It is fitted with the latest red diode technology which ensures users will always get a superbly sharp laser line, whilst comprising an accurate, pin sharp 90° reference beam to the vertical line – ensuring all of your measurements are always made easy.

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2. Datum DLWT1 Lightweight Aluminium Tripod

Offering optimum support and accurate set-up, the Datum DLWT1 Lightweight Aluminium Tripod ensures professional and accurate measurement on every project. This dependable tripod is easy to transport and includes a durable carry strap. The DLWT1 is suitable for all small instruments, making it the perfect partner for the Datum NE-1L Rotating Laser Level.

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3. Datum DM40 Laser Distance Meter

 For reliable results in measurement, experts recommend the use of a Laser Distance Meter for any construction project. Measure distances with true accuracy, without the need for bulky reel-in tapes. Using the Datum DM40 Laser Distance Meter couldn’t be easier as users of any skill can measure distances at the press of a button. Its minimal functions ensures that interior linear measurement becomes a simple task for distances up to 40 metres, all to an accuracy of ±3mm.

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4. Datum Marker Crayons

Weather-resistant, fade and smear-proof, these high quality Datum Marker Crayons make durable, waterproof marks on most surfaces such as stone, masonry and timber. The marker crayons have a clay-based, strong formula for smooth, fast marking and reduced breakage with longer marking life on wet, frozen and treated wood.

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5. Datum DA5FS 5m Fibreglass Levelling Staff

The Datum DA5FS is a high quality, heavy duty, non-conductive 5m, five section telescopic levelling staff, ideal for use with the Datum NE-1L Rotating Laser Level to determine the difference in height between points. Comprising of sections allows for the shortening of the staff, making this survey accessory easy to store and transport. The DA5FS levelling staff features a clear British 'E' reading front face as well as mm display reading on the rear.

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As you advance your skills in DIY, your toolkit will need to advance too. For the ultimate kit for construction projects, take a look below at the resources you’ll need to complete the job fast and efficiently, every time.


Datum DLD300 Digital Laser Detector

The Datum DLD300 Digital Laser Detector is suitable for any general construction and interior application, and works effortlessly with the Datum family of lasers. This compact laser detector delivers an immediate readout for fast and reliable height checks. The new DLD300 includes four accuracy settings, an LCD digital display and a 24 hour operating time. Owing to its robust construction and loud audio, users can work with the DLD300 in tough environments without interruption.

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Datum DDRW1 Digital Measure Wheel

The Datum DDRW1 Digital Measure Wheel provides a simple yet efficient solution of measuring out distance on a range of projects. Featuring advanced technologies to display measurements in various units, including cm / m / km / feet / yards, the DDRW1 caters to all your surface measuring needs. Measurements are easy-to-read off the clear LCD display and can be converted from one to the other at the touch of a button. The digital measuring wheel can be set to measure from the front, centre or rear and includes a memory function for your data.

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Datum MD120 Wall Stud Detector

The Datum DM120 is a handheld wall stud detector with high sensitivity, designed with the purpose of locating hidden metal pipes, live wires and stud / metal frames accurately when you want to indicate behind walls. Boasting an ergonomic design, the DM120 has a rubberised anti-slip body for a comfortable and firm grip. Smart visual and audible functions remind you of the locations of hidden studs, wire and pipes easily and quickly.

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Datum Cube Cross Line Laser Level

The lightweight Datum Cube is versatile and ideal for those who need a horizontal, vertical or cross line beam in professional interior trades such as builders, plumbers, decorators, kitchen fitters, electricians, ceiling and partitioning contractors. Packing plenty of powerful features into its compact size, the automatic levelling line laser has an out-of-level warning alarm and a beam lock switch for providing sloped lines if required.

Should your application require the mounting of the laser, then our extended Clamp Edition and Tripod Edition will provide the ideal solution.

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Datum DRBLG Red Beam Laser Glasses

The lightweight Datum Red Beam Laser Glasses are specifically designed to provide clearer, enhanced views of lasers being used in brighter conditions – so users can ensure accurate, reliable results are at their fingertips. However, these glasses are not intended to be used as safety glasses and are not suitable for use as such.

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Datum DSAT100 Self-Adhesive Target 100mm

This Datum DSAT100 Target is self-adhesive for monitoring work where the target must remain in a fixed position for long term use. With various size options available (25mm, 50mm and 60mm), this is the largest available size at 100mm x 100mm and is suitable for use with most Electronic Distance Measurers (EDMs).

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